Toronto West, or the West End as many locals call it, is a vibrant, desirable area that has seen much gentrification in the last two decades.

Toronto West is bordered by Ossington Avenue in the east, St. Clair Avenue in the north, the Humber River to the west and Lake Ontario to the south. Located just west of the downtown core, it is east of Etobicoke.

Originally, the West End was home to many immigrants who settled and created neighbourhoods that are still there today, including Corso Italia, Little Portugal, Roncesvalles and Bloor West Village. These and other neighbourhoods give the region its unique flavor – both figuratively and literally, given the variety of artisan shops, including restaurants, butchers, fish mongers, cheese boutiques, bakeries and coffee houses.

If you own a home in Toronto West, you also have easy access to shopping, recreation and popular local events such as the annual Ukrainian and Polish festivals, as well as the cherry blossoms in the spring in High Park – Toronto’s version of New York’s Central Park. Given all of this, as well as good schools and proximity to downtown, it’s no wonder Toronto West neighbourhoods are highly sought after by professionals and families.

The real estate market has been good here, with housing prices in the last five years more than doubling in many Toronto West neighbourhoods. People love living in this area and pay a premium to do so. Houses in 2016 and 2017 were selling with anywhere from three to ten offers, which escalated prices. The increasing prices also have meant that many people who already own a home in Toronto West are engaging in renovations, putting a long wait time on good area contractors.



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Toronto West Neighbourhoods

Toronto West homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

Baby Point

One of the area’s most picturesque neighbourhoods, Baby Point offers a prosperous history and lifestyle, where lush nature and salmon spectating meet eclectic restaurants, workout studios and shops.

Toronto West homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

Bloor West Village

Looking for a home in Bloor West Village? Located on the subway line, this popular shopping district destination also is noted for its excellent schools and proximity to High Park.


High Park

With easy access to Toronto’s largest park, the lakeshore, three retail districts, subway and highly regarded schools, what’s not to love about High Park?

Toronto West homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

The Junction

In this revitalized neighbourhood, a small-town feel bumps elbows with urban gritty charm, offering affordable homes with a wide variety of shops, eateries and live music.



With charming homes, a strong community feel and abundant nature that overlooks the Humber River Valley, it’s no wonder that families gravitate here.

Toronto West homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

Old Mill

Known for its historic namesake, which draws crowds of salmon fishing enthusiasts and spectators, Old Mill is also close to some of Toronto West’s best attractions.


Roncesvalles Village

Nestled just west of downtown and a favorite with young families, “Roncy” is known for its European village charm, featuring a delectable variety of cafes, bakeries and shops.

Toronto West homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa


A quiet residential neighbourhood, Runnymede offers affordable housing and easy access to public transit, shops, dining, parks and recreational opportunities.

Toronto West homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa


A storybook neighbourhood, Swansea is home to the picturesque Grenadier Park, features hilly terrain and mature, tree-lined streets, and is bounded by a lake, river and pond.


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