It’s the first home you owned. Or where you got married. Or welcomed your first child. Every home has memories.

When it’s time to leave, you may have mixed feelings. And whether you’re upsizing or downsizing, need a new place that can house the in-laws or moving on from a divorce, you also have specific needs. 


Support Throughout the Home Selling Process

Our unique real estate process is designed to address all of your home selling needs. From our initial personal interview until the closing, we work to make the process of selling a home in Toronto an enjoyable and profitable one. We spend a lot of time with you upfront, conducting an extensive survey to establish your home selling goals, answer any questions and offer tips. From using our custom method for pricing and helping you assess potential offers, to helping you buy a new home at the same time, we’re there with you, every step of the way.


ExperIence and Tough Negotiating

Selling a home in Toronto can be daunting. You need a team that understands how to navigate the constantly shifting real estate trends. We do extensive market research for every sale and are immersed in the Toronto community, keeping our fingers on the pulse of the latest changes. Thanks to this extensive knowledge and experience, we have a strong track record of negotiating the best possible sale prices for our clients.  


The Importance of Professional Home Staging

Your home has character. Maybe on some days a little too much character. A few splotches on the stove, burned out bulbs you’ve been meaning to replace, maybe some peeling paint on the front door – the signs of a normal, busy life. But when it comes to potential buyers, you want your home to look and feel as inviting as possible. This is where our professional stagers come in. They do a comprehensive, objective review of your home to determine which staging techniques are the best fit. This could mean anything from freshening up existing decorations or rearranging furniture, to adding new pieces or adopting an entirely different design style to follow the latest staging trends. When selling a home in Toronto, staged homes often sell faster, and for a better price.    



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