A home in Etobicoke is a great alternative to the expensive east end of Toronto. Etobicoke offers more affordable houses, bigger backyards and easy access to Toronto Pearson Airport.  

Etobicoke is the most western part of the city of Toronto, bordering Lake Ontario to the south, the Humber River to the east, the city of Mississauga and Toronto Pearson International Airport to the west, and Steeles Avenue West to the north. 

Etobicoke is divided into three areas: the Lakeshore area, Central Etobicoke and Northern Etobicoke. The Lakeshore area ranges from magnificent lakefront mansions to small red brick bungalows and newly renovated two-storey homes. Very much a small town feel within a big city. Central Etobicoke features some of the most sought after neighbourhoods west of downtown, including The Kingsway, Edenbridge, Baby Point, Princess-Rosethorn and Sunnylea. Characteristics include spacious wide frontage, deep lots and large homes. Northern Etobicoke is perhaps the most urban-like in nature as it contains a good number of high-density apartment and condo building parks along with solid middle-class brick homes.

Etobicoke is also topographically interesting, as it features many rolling hills, ravine areas, parks, rivers and lakefront footage. Ravine lots are desirable in Toronto and Etobicoke has more than its fair share. Condos are being built throughout the area with one of the biggest communities in the Lakeshore area of Humber Bay. Low-rise condos are being built on The Queensway with boutique features. Etobicoke also contains older condo buildings, which are usually larger than new condos.

If you own a home in Etobicoke, you’ll get many of the same amenities the downtown core offers but at a lower purchase price and a slower-paced lifestyle. Etobicoke neighbourhoods also have many features that downtown living does not offer, including large gardens and parks, and several golf courses – including St. George’s Golf and Country Club, which is ranked as one of the best golf courses in Canada. 

Great for families as well as professional couples, many Etobicoke neighbourhoods have a lot of baby boomers and retirees, adding to the eclectic makeup of the community.



Interested in a Home in Etobicoke?

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Etobicoke Neighbourhoods



Looking for a modern-day Leave It to Beaver neighborhood? Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Mimico has a strong residents’ association that promotes the area and local events.

Etobicoke homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa


This family-friendly neighbourhood is noted for its excellent schools, recreational facilities and proximity to shopping, parks and the lake.

Etobicoke homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

islington village

Artistry, charm and upscale amenities make the neighbourhood of Islington Village a unique sought-after community with a downtown feel in a small-town setting.

Etobicoke homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

The Kingsway

Originally developed by Robert Home Smith in the early 1900s, the signature Tudor homes lend this neighborhood a very English feel, with stately homes and churches on tree-lined streets.

Etobicoke homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

Long Branch

Located along the waterfront, this well-established neighbourhood offers many new builds and easy access to parks, shopping, an arena and a GoTransit station.


New Toronto

A growing neighbourhood, there are more new builds in the formerly industrial section. The Lakeshore Village shopping district is also a big draw – including for TV and film crews.

Etobicoke homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa

The Queensway

Bustling with activity, the Queensway has recently experienced a renaissance with new boutique condos, restaurants and shops, and renovated streets that are designed for walkability.

Etobicoke homes for sale in Toronto, Ontario | Sandy & Rayissa


This desirable neighbourhood is close to the subway and The Kingsway Bloor shops – and you can pick up your favorite wine at one of the best LCBOs in the area.


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