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5 Ways You Can Make Moving Less Stressful

You’ve sold your house or condo. And now you are moving! Help with moving day! A moving day rarely, if ever, goes exactly how you planned. To cut down on the frustrations that typically accompany this activity, we have a few helpful tips to send you down the road as easily as possible. Read on to learn more..

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SOLD!Executive Condo with $120,000+ Renovations Done in Etobicoke!

270 Scarlett Road Executive Condo for Sale $649,000. $120,000+ in renovations. Engineered hardwood floors, chef’s kitchen, custom blinds, new bathrooms, pretty much custom everything. And no popcorn ceiling! Best buy in Etobicoke! Want to see it?

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5 Tips For A Better Sleep

5 Tips to Manage Bedroom Light for a Better Sleep. Congrats, you’ve bought your new house! It’s your first nights sleep, but you need help sleeping. Read on to figure out how to make 5 simple changes to help you sleep better in your new home, from the experts at The Sleep Institute. Top 5 Tips for Better Sleeping!

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Top 10 Things to Remember Before Your House Is For Sale In Toronto!

Top 10 tips you may have forgotten to do before your house is for sale in Toronto! The last few days before your house in Toronto is officially up for sale can be pretty hectic.  Here's some tried and true top tips we've put together to help you get your house ready for buyers and open houses! 1) Toilet seat - Does yours look a bit rough around the edges?  If it's wood, looks old, stained, cracked, or really cheap, you probably should replace the toilet seat cover ...

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How Do I Find A Realtor in Toronto?

Buying or selling a home is an exciting opportunity for some people, and for others, it can be a stressful time. It’s likely that some of you may have even regretted a past experiences with some Toronto real estate agents. We believe that responsible realtors should make an effort to minimize that stress and bring confidence, expertise, and even a little excitement to one of the largest purchases in your life, your new home ...

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What Are Estate Sales?

An estate sale is the sale of a home when the owner is no longer able to live in the home or has passed away and many times the owner's children, trustee, or power of attorney designee is managing the property and intends to put it up for sale. Common questions with estate sales Common questions include….Where do you start?  What do you do with the contents?  How do you present the property for sale to maximize the ...

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