5 Ways You Can Make Moving Less Stressful


So here you are. The boxes are packed, you’ve given your notice at or sold your current residence (or simply said “bye” to mom and dad), and you are just hours away from loading up all of your possessions and moving them to the place you will soon call home. But if life hasn’t already taught you this lesson, it’s about to:

 A moving day rarely, if ever, goes exactly how you planned. To cut down on the frustrations that typically accompany this activity, we have a few helpful tips to send you down the road as easily as possible:


1. Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Pack

All too often people pack up what they consider to be the “hard part” of their belongings and leave out the things that they think they can just toss inbox and throw in the truck when the time comes. What they fail to realize is that what seems to be just a few things here and there turns into numerous full boxes when it’s actually time to pack them up. Nothing ever looks like it will take quite as much space as it really will when it’s scattered throughout the house.

2. Enlist the Help of Professional Movers..read on to learn more…

Look, we get it. You have family and friends who love you and are more than willing to help. That’s great! The only problem is that they aren’t professional movers. Even though it’s free help, and even a chance to hang out and cut up a little bit, the moving is going to take much longer, you’re most likely going to end up with damaged items, and the truth is that despite how much they say its “no problem”, loved ones would rather get a root canal than help someone else move.


3. Get Plenty of Sleep the Night Before the Big Move..want to learn more? read on…

No matter how well you have planned, no matter how perfectly timed everything is set up, and regardless of how much of it you think that you already have done, the fact is that you are going to be busting your tail the entire day. Your stress levels are going to be elevated, certain things are just not going to go the way you anticipated, and unforeseen obstacles will undoubtedly arise. Making sure that you’ve gotten enough rest will be essential to dealing with all of these issues.


But on a fun side note, now that you are moving into your new place (and your new bedroom) you can actually take the time to set up the room in a manner that allows for maximum sleep comfort and design.

4. Organization is Key

One of the biggest time wasters when it comes to heading out of the old place and into the new is a lack of a good moving plan. You can save a significant amount of time and frustration by simply mapping out your exit strategy in advance. Make a list of everything that needs to be packed prior to the day of, start in one room and work your way out, clearly label all boxes and containers, and keep any associated paperwork separate and easy to locate.

5. Take Your Time..keep reading for more tips

Here is something that you need to understand, regardless of how organized your planning process was and how smoothly you expect the execution of that plan to be: there is no need to rush. Make sure that you allow yourself ample time between when you need to be out of your current place and into your new one. Take the time to make sure everything is packed and loaded properly, and that you aren’t forgetting anything important.

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This blog was written by freelance writer Hannah Stevens, from North Carolina. Much of her inspiration comes from days spent by the lake, along with her dog who constantly remind her that life is about loving connections that allow you to live free. Thanks, Hannah, for taking the time to write this blog that we can share with our current, past, and new clients!