Will the Cannabis Act Affect Me When Buying or Selling a Home?

Will legalized pot affect me as a house or condo owner?

What do I need to know as a home buyer regarding legalized pot?

We cover about five issues in the video concerning what you need to know about how legalized pot will affect you as a home buyer. Some things to consider:

In a condo, what is the status of the building with regarding smoking? Some buildings are now going 100% smoke-free - for cigarettes, e-cigarettes, cannabis, or anything else that smokes. Others are adopting a wait-and-see attitude until there is an issue. Trouble? Perhaps. What if your building does NOT have a policy and your neighbour smokes a LOT of pot and the smell is entering your unit. What recourse do you have? These are just some of the questions to answer prior to buying your new condo.


Renters: Can you put in your lease that your renters must be non-smokers?

Yes, you can, put into your lease that your tenants must be non-smokers. However, they can still smoke in the suite. But having that in your lease, initialed and signed, gives you a bit of leg up if you start eviction process.

There are lots of things to discuss regarding legalized cannabis and owning and renting a house or condo. Check out the video above for some more items that may impact you. And we’ll continue to post more as we learn.

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