Tips on Attending an Open House in Toronto



Top 10 Tips for a Great Open House Experience in Toronto – as a Buyer…

Here are some good tips for Buyers to get the most out of your Open House experience in Toronto…

  1. Do it yourself, map it out! Prior to leaving, map out where you are going, so you maximize your Open House in Toronto window. Most open houses in Toronto are held Saturday and Sunday between 2-4pm.  A few agents begin at 1:00 pm or stay as late as 5:00 pm, but generally the window is 2-4 pm.

  2. Ask your real estate salesperson for a list of area Open Houses PLUS property information. Don’t waste your time stopping to view houses on Open House in Toronto that are NOT what you are looking for.  Ask your agent to give you a list of qualified houses for you to view.  Plus, they should be providing you with additional property information if they can’t attend those Open Houses with you.

  3. Easy on, easy off shoes. The biggest delay people experience is trying to tie or untie their shoes, or unzip their boots and take them off.  In 99% of houses, you will be asked to take your shoes off.  Be prepared!

  4. Socks, slippers, or house shoes. You’d be surprised at how dirty the bottom of your feet can be going through Open Houses in Toronto.  There is dirt, dust, crumbs, and sometimes animal hair.  Save yourself from the “ick” factor and either wear socks or bring along a pair of socks or slippers or house shoes to wear inside of an Open House.  Your house cleanliness expectation may not be the same as someone else’s!

  5. Bring your realtor’s business cards with you. Travel with your real estate professoinal’s business cards for Open Houses in Toronto if they are not accompanying you.  It’ll save you time and questions from the agent holding the property open.  It’ll also let the realtor know that you are working with a professional.

  6. Hydrate! Drink water, as you’ll get parched running up and down stairs.  But remember, Open Houses are not public places so there are NO public restrooms.  So, do not ask to use the facilities, stop at a local Tim’s when nature calls.

  7. If you can, don’t bring the kids. For lots and lots of reasons, it’s always better to leave the little ones at home when attending Open Houses in Toronto.  You’ve got shoes to take off and on plus coats to manage.  In addition, by the second house, you’ll be tired of saying, “don’t touch!” and moving fingers off someone’s personal possessions.  And your poor little one will be tired, cranky, and bored by the third house.  If you can, better to find a trusted sitter to watch your children during an Open House.  Your kids and your sanity will thank you!

  8. No pets, ever. Don’t carry your pets in, don’t have them in your purse, don’t leave them chained up outside, and don’t leave the in the car when you are at an Open House.  Homeowners may have allergies.  Other fellow Open Housers may have allergies or fear of pets.  Your pets probably don’t like to be exposed to that many new people either or tied up or locked in a car.  And better not to take a risk of them getting spooked and biting someone.  Leave your pets happy at home, waiting to welcome you back.

  9. Bring a pen, to make notes. We provide a rating sheet to our clients so that they can rate each house, as they go along.  It’s difficult to remember details of individual houses after you’ve been through five or six or seven open houses in two days.  Write down on each listing the top pros and cons or give it a rating, so you’ll remember for later.

  10. Be well rested before you begin. If you are tired from the night before or not feeling 100%, stay home and rest.  You are going to be dealing with a new agent at each listing, with fellow Open Housers, with lots of stairs going up and down, with getting in and out of the car.  Make no mistake, Open Housing in Toronto can be more tiring than you would expect.  But when you see the right house, it’s oh so worth it!

Want more tips on making your Open House in Toronto experience more impactful?  Or want to know as a seller how to make an impact on a potential buyer?  Contact Rayissa at 416-400-0805 or