Top 10 Things to Remember Before Your House Is For Sale In Toronto!

Top 10 tips you may have forgotten to do before your house is for sale in Toronto!

The last few days before your house in Toronto is officially up for sale can be pretty hectic.  Here’s some tried and true top tips we’ve put together to help you get your house ready for buyers and open houses!


1) Toilet seat – Does yours look a bit rough around the edges?  If it’s wood, looks old, stained, cracked, or really cheap, you probably should replace the toilet seat cover.  This is a pretty easy, inexpensive $30 fix and it makes a fresh impact.

2) Valuables & ID – Hide it all! Out of the house is better, in a safety deposit box or somewhere safe. Your money or coins, jewelry, iPads, tablets, laptops, collectibles, and designer purses should all be put away, out of sight. Same with anything with your name or image on it – photos, bills, statements, diplomas, etc, remove them to help prevent identity theft.

3) Let the sun in!  Open your blinds & curtains and let the natural light in. Nothing worse on a gloomy January Toronto day than to have a dark room hiding a great view – and even if it’s not so great, that’s ok.  The light will do wonders.

4) Let there be light!  Whether it’s a sunny day, gloomy day, dusk or evening, every single ceiling light, light fixture, pot light, and lamp should be on. It’s warm, welcoming, and shows your home to its advantage. Don’t forget to leave the outdoor lights on, too.

5) Light bulbs – They all should work! Check all your ceiling light bulbs as well as lamps to make sure they work. Don’t forget to check the light under the hood fan of the stove too plus all the outdoor lights and garage.  And in your lamps and overhead lighting, make sure the bulbs are the same wattage and brightness – keep warm bulbs next to warm bulbs and cool next to cool.  Don’t mix warm and cool in the same room, your light will be subliminally disturbing to a potential buyer.

6) Freshen closets – Pack away items not in season. You’ll need to pack them for your move anyway, so think of it as pre-packing. If it’s summer, keep your summer items plus a few fall ones but pack away winter. Your closets will look much bigger – empty space will show a buyer there’s lots of room. Also use a room spray before showings or put in an air freshener or plug (Clean scent is the best)  – nothing worse then the smell of sweaty gym clothes or a musty smell from the dirty laundry hamper irritating buyers.

7) Front door touch-up:  First impressions are huge for buyers. Buyers decide if your home is even a possibility within the first 3-5 seconds of viewing the house. Check your front door. Does it need to be cleaned, along with the door frame, threshold, and inside of the door? Does it need a touch up or a new coat of paint? Don’t forget to add an elegant outdoor basket of in-season greens and florals.  These will create a welcoming feel for your home.  It’s worth the cost!

8) Spotless appliances – They should be clean inside and out. Even if they are older, they should be sparkling and loolk as good as new! Thoroughly clean them inside and on the outside so if a buyer opens them up, there won’t be an “ick” factor.  Don’t forget around the sides of the oven door as well as the bottom.


9) Make your bed!  Every bed in the house should be neatly made. No crumpled sheets bunched in the middle of the bed.  All sheets should be fresh or no more than a week old to still look and smell fresh. Throw pillows are great, regardless of what your bed partner may say.  Is your comforter too loud or colorful?  Then buy a “bed in the bag” from HomeSense (under $100) in all white or very neutral- lay it over your existing bedding for photos and showings, and you are good to go!

10)  Pets on vacation?  Pet odor is almost as bad as cigarette odor and for buyers who do not have pets, it can be so off-putting they will pass on your home.  So if you are an animal lover like me, and your pets shed a lot or tend to slobber a bit, take them with you when you have a showing or an open house.  Have your house cleaned thoroughly, so there is NO pet hair or bad smell anywhere.  Litter boxes should be fresh, without anything extra in them.  Food and water bowls should be put away along with pet beds. And every corner, rug or anything else that traps and holds pet hair should be thoroughly cleaned.  Febreeze is your best friend in these instances, like the commercial implies. 

BONUS:  Music!  One last tip.  Soft easy listening music should always be playing in the background.  This is not time to put on your old ACDC or Aldo Nova records.  Choose light classical, Spanish guitar, smooth jazz or easy listening radio stations or streaming channels to play.  It’s subtle, but pushes the relaxation buttons in a potential buyer.  Between the ambiance you’ve created with our tips, the lighting, and the music, you are inviting that potential buyer to sit down, look around, and actually consider your home for purchase instead of rushing through to avoid the dust balls or pet odor.  These all work.  Trust us!  We’ve seen it!

Want more tips on how to get your home ready for sale?  Contact Rayissa at Homes4Toronto on her cell at 416-400-0805 or on email rayissa@homes4toronto.comWe’ve seen it all and worked with it all, so chances are we’ve got some great tips to help you overcome any obstacle you might be experiencing.