What Are Estate Sales?

An estate sale is the sale of a home when the owner is no longer able to live in the home or has passed away and many times the owner’s children, trustee, or power of attorney designee is managing the property and intends to put it up for sale.

Common questions with estate sales

Common questions include….Where do you start?  What do you do with the contents?  How do you present the property for sale to maximize the highest possible price?  When is it the right time to sell the property?  Do we have to update the property if it’s outdated? These questions and more are asked prior to an estate sale.  Sandy & Rayissa help provide guidance and answers to these questions and more.

Tending to the details of life-changes can become overwhelming, especially when people are grieving. Dealing with beneficiaries, lawyer, trustee etc. can become overwhelming for the family left behind.  And the family has it’s own responsibilities, home, career, and many times, not enough time to manage getting their loved ones’ home ready for sale.

With estate sales, a realtor who is experienced, has compassion, understanding, and knowledge of the market and legal procedures can be a tremendous benefit and make the process run more smoothly and easily.

Based on tried and true experience,  Sandy & Rayissa have a process that makes these circumstances easier for all. We work with and manage a team of professionals who understand these situations and help that transition to take place in an orderly fashion with the least amount of stress and inconvenience.  This is part of the service that our team offers for our clients.

Whether your family member is moving on to a new living facility or has passed away, Sandy & Rayissa work with you with compassion and understanding, always taking into account that this is an emotional time for all concerned, to help make this process as seamless and easy as possible.

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